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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Under the Dome 2.2: Whodunnit

A pretty good second episode of the new second season of Under the Dome on Monday night.   We were treated to more of a murder mystery than anything science fictional or fantastical, but that's ok.

And it was the kind of murder story in which we already know the murderer. As we saw last week, that girl who came out of the river and was presumably doing the dome's bidding killed Angie.  But she's so sweet and vulnerable and likely doesn't remember what she did, that Julia, for one, and contrary to her lover Barbie,  thinks she's innocent even though a bloody footprint was found near the murder scene, and the footprint was the girl's size.

In addition to Barbie, Junior and Angie's brother Joe are sure the girl did it - based on the footprint. Actually, Barbie's not as sure as Junior and Joe, who want to take the law into their own hands and kill the girl themselves, right away, without even a trial.

Fortunately for the girl, the new guy from out in the woods - Joe's uncle, etc - has some medical experience, and finds evidence that Angie was literally manhandled when she was killed.  Given that we saw what actually happened last week, how can this be?

Several possible answers:

1. The dome turned the girl into a man, but I'm pretty sure we saw no evidence of that last week.

2. The dome just laid in the prints to save the girl, and this strategy apparently worked.

3. There's another man who wanted to get his hands on Angie - perhaps the medical guy himself from the woods - though, again, we saw what we saw last week.

Anyway, this murder of Angie has made the series at least a little more interesting than it was last season, and it'll be fun to see where that goes.


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