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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Bridge 2.1: What Motivates Sonya?

The Bridge was back for its second season last night, replete with that just perfect song under the opening credits (by Ryan Bingham, who sounds just like Demian Bichir), and as moody and compelling and nearly weird throughout as it was last time.

What interested me most in this second season debut is Sonya - and, in her particular, her sleeping with the brother of her sister's killer.   The brother understandably feels increasingly uncomfortable in this situation, but Sonya's charms are unsurprisingly more than enough to win him over.   Still, he leaves as soon as he can after the act.

But what is ultimately motivating Sonya?  Her Aspergers always makes her sexual encounters awkward - which translates to interesting, funny, moving, heart-rending, even profound at some points - but this was something different and more.   As by-the-book as she is, I couldn't help feeling that at some point she might produce a knife or a gun and kill her lover, in retribution for what his brother did to her sister. But, ironically, that's what a more normal person might do in a fit of illogical rage in this situation, and Sonya is if nothing else refreshingly not normal.   Indeed, in the scenes last night with Sonya and the guy, the most normal aspect of Sonya's behavior is her beautiful smile (thanks to Diane Kruger) - which more than anything else is what ultimately gets him in bed.

Marco, on the other hand, is normal from head to toe, which makes him more predictable, but therefore far more dangerous that Sonya, since Marco is out to settle scores without Sonya's complex overlay.   In a series peopled with some of the most serious nut cases to come down the road - headed by Linder, whom I still can't figure out, including his connection to the main plot lines - Marco, along with Hank (who, as I mentioned last year, has ample cross-series experience working with good police with troubled mentalities, given actor Tad Levine's work on Monk), serve as the necessary bedrocks of sanity in this dark and darker but realistic world.

Good to be back on The Bridge!

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