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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Falling Skies 4.2: Enemy of My Enemy

Falling Skies 4.2 fell lightly the other night, with some good plot developments but nothing earth-shattering.

Among the most interesting new developments -

  • The Espheni reveal that they are not the worst threat to humanity.   This may have been hinted at before, but now it appears that the intelligent and powerful aliens that forced the Espheni into cosmic combat mode - whoever these aliens may be - have Planet Earth in their sites.
  • In part because of this, Tom makes a deal with the Espheni, to work with them.  What humanity gets out of this is not only no Espheni attacks, but Espheni protection, to the extent that it can be given, from the aliens that the Espheni are combatting.
  • The Espheni also reveal that their harnessing of human kids didn't work out too well for the Espheni.   That's why they're looking to be in league with Tom.   Presumably, he won't be harnessed - it will be a more voluntary kind of connection.
  • There's an excellent scene between Ben and Lexi, in which he tells her he would give his life for her, his sister.   There is a powerful chemistry between them, including maybe even something more than sibling love.   She is, after all, just a half sibling, and the other half is not of this world.
  • There was also a good scene between Ben and Maggie, and also a pretty powerful chemistry there, significant because, obviously, Maggie has been with Hal.
But there still are some important characters not being used to full potential.  Pope has barely had a role. Weaver is having his weakest season so far, being more of a nag than a commander.  The Matt Hitler-youth story is beyond trite.  Lourdes is annoying, and Anne on her own out in the field is at best ok as a tough, shoot-em-up cookie.

Still, the new developments have potential, and are enough to keep me watching.

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