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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Under the Dome 2.1: The Lever

An unusually good return of Under the Dome tonight, with an episode written by Stephen King, with a cameo of him in the diner, and featuring all kinds of nice and significant touches, including -

  • cars, knives, and stoves becoming lethal and nearly lethal weapons, as the dome affixes a powerful magnetism to Chester's Mill and all who are under it
  • two important and unexpected deaths, one at the beginning and one at the end of the episode, the sheriff and Angie - wait, Angie?  - yes, and hers will be a big loss indeed;  she was one of the spunkiest and most important characters on the show, moving Junior ("don't call me that - I'm James!"), and animating most of the scenes she was in;  I assume she was killed because she expressed a desire to kill Jim, and the dome is now on a pacifist mission
  • a poetry in the lever, with Jim screaming at the beginning of the show be lowered to hang Barbie, which it isn't, and Jim screaming at the end of the show be lowered to hang Jim, which it isn't again
  • two new characters of note, a medic who is Jr's uncle, and a science high school teacher who thinks she can save Chester's Mill with science;  what she doesn't know, apparently, is that the series is based on the Stephen King novel, and this episode was written by King - and, when it comes to King, there's often some fantasy and mysticism mixed into the science fiction
  • a significant character outside the dome - Junior's mother - which has excellent future possibilities indeed 
There were also a few not so fresh touches.   Everyone passing out in the street and everywhere you go has been seen a million times.   The embodiment of the dome or its will in a girl who walks and looks like she's in a trance is also something we've seen many a time.   On the other hand, Julia and Barbie kissing was good to see.

All in all, the second season is off to an excellent start.


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