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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Falling Skies 4.3: Still Falling

Falling Skies 4.3 on Sunday night had little to commend.   The main and best story had Tom, Weaver, Hal, and Pope getting the better of Skitters, with Pope showing some surprising bravery - but actually it wasn't surprising, because we've seen all of that before, and more than once.   That being the case, the only mild surprise was that Pope survived.

Anne is now together with Lexi, and that has some plot possibilities, but so far the most satisfying scene in that pseudo-paradise is Maggie telling Lourdes off for being so irritating, and, unfortunately, she's irritating to the audience, too.  Matt in the Nazi-youth camp is showing a few signs of life, but we've seen that story a hundred times before, most recently in the late lamented Revolution.

So, what happened to Falling Skies?  It was never a great series, but it started out pretty well, and had some very good moments in the early seasons, when the story was closer to the ground of reality and real people, and their struggle to survive in a stunned world nearly shattered and taken over by alien invaders.   At this point, the story has stalled and almost seems like a bad dream, which we've seen before as well.

I don't how much longer I'll watch and review Falling Skies.    I'm beginning to feel that the whole process of watching and writing about Falling Skies is itself some kind of minor disaster movie.   Boredom is closing in.  I can hear it pounding on the door.  The lights are flickering.   I'll keep blogging about this as long as I can . . .

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