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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Bridge 2.3: Marco's Dilemma

The second season of The Bridge is shaping up as even better than the first, which was excellent.   In episode 2.3 last night, we get a clear view of one of the main reasons:

Marco is in an exquisite dilemma.   He's at his best, happiest and most effective, when he's working with the El Paso police, who welcomed him, via Hank, with open arms last night.   Indeed, when the DEA says their not comfortable with a Mexican detective knowing what the DEA is doing - given the corruption south of the border, and the cosy relationship between the police there and the drug lord - Hank stands up for Marco.

But the kicker is that we and Marco know that he's on this case precisely because Capitan Robles and Fausto have put Marco on the case, to serve their interests more than the cause of justice, should those two interests conflict.   Marco is basically an honest detective.  But you can hardly blame him for agreeing to repay Fausto for the favor the drug king rendered in helping Marco get the killer of his son.

This puts Marco in an exquisite dilemma.   Will he betray Hank and Sonya and the police who have been good to him in El Paso?  For that matter, how will he react if something bad happens to Pintado, the Mexican state prosecutor who seems to be only person there not in some kind of bed with Fausto? Difficult to say, which makes for an excellent season ahead.   Sonya, as we know, can be almost preternaturally sensitive, if not to people's attitudes, then to things that don't quite add up - sort of the flip side of her condition - and that means it's likely just a matter of time until something Marco does or doesn't do tips her off that all is not right with him.

Her honesty in her sexual relationships continues to be refreshing.  In 2.3, she tells the brother of her sister's killer that sleeping with him this time, the second time, wasn't as good for her as the first.   There's something to be said for an absence of courtesy.

It's also good to see Charlotte back in the story, and in a way that has direct relevance to the larger narrative.  Looking forward to more!

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