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Monday, July 21, 2014

Tyrant 1.4: Close to the Bone

Catching up with a short review of Tyrant 1.4, which was quite good.

The two major high points of this episode were the cliff-hanger ending, and Molly (Barry's wife) finally saying something important to him and the series.

On the cliff-hanger - they're rare in television, even non-existent, unless we're talking about a two-part to-be-continued episode, which we sometimes get at the end of seasons, or every episode of 24, which is itself unique in television.   Ending Tyrant 1.4 with the crisis of the verge of exploding was a very good move.

As for Molly, her role as Barry's wife has either been obvious or unexploited for good drama until Tyrant 1.4, when she finally has an important talk with Barry, which sets his mind straight and on the right track.   This is exactly what a wife should be doing in these circumstances, and it at once makes Barry a more believable character and lifts the show.

Meanwhile, there was a report in the real news last week that, due to the real war in Gaza, Tyrant is moving its production to Turkey.   This is both sad, owing to real loss of life in Gaza, and testament to how cutting edge Tyrant is.   Getting back to 24, its series premier was postponed back in September 2001 due to 9/11.   And, indeed, the creators of that series have often talked about how they changed the ending of that first season, due to September 11 (don't have a link to where I read this, but I've seen it online).

We want our fiction, in dramas such as Tyrant, to be as close to bone of real events as possible.   Events have conspired to bring Tyrant even closer to that jagged edge than it was before, and will make the series even more interesting to see.

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