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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Bridge 2.2: First Class Serial Killer

The second season of The Bridge is already coalescing - nice and darkly - with its second episode last night.  Sonya and Marco are now working together on the case, and the case entails a piece-of-work lady psycho serial killer.   Can't ask for much more than that.

More specifically, Sonya continues to be a little smoother - less quirky - than last year, which I like. She stands up better to Hank, who's right to still be concerned about her, but I think perceives that she's less the basket case than she once was.   Even Marco and Sonya in bed together, which would have been flatly impossible last season without Marco seeming to take advantage of her, seems a less impossible possibility now.   Not it that it will necessarily happen.   But when Marco showed up at her door late at night last night, to go over the new case, there seemed just a sliver of that possibility.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, Eleanor Nacht's soul and metier indeed seem dark as her last name.  She's one of the creepiest psychos to come down the television pike - in a non-horror, non-fantasy show - in a while. Already in two episodes she's equalled or exceeded some of the worst monsters in Criminal Minds, and in Dexter as well - indeed, she would have made a worthy target for Dexter in his prime.   Her specialty is apparently young teenage boys, whom sure lures with the promise of a little sex (just touching), then kills so she can see the "light," and keeps a record of all of this in her ledger.   Fausto Galvan - a primo mob boss in his own right - has Eleanor on his radar, Sonya has her on the video she swiped from the DEA, so sooner or later Sonya and Marco will come face to face with her.

About the only part of the second season I've seen enough of, in fact, is the DEA, whose lording it over the local police is a theme we've seen a hundred times on television.   Abraham Benrubi, who was just great in ER, is excellent in the DEA lead agent role on The Bridge, but we'll just have to see how this develops.

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