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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Deuce 3.2: The First Amendment!

Abby easily had the best line in tonight's episode 3.2 of The Deuce, when she explains that if you don't use the First Amendment to protect porn movies, "it's not gonna be there for the ideas".   The geniuses on the Supreme Court didn't get this in 1915, when they decreed in Mutual Film v. Ohio that film was not protected by the First Amendment, since it was a form of entertainment not an expression of ideas.   It wasn't until Burstyn v. Wilson in 1952 that this was overturned.  Good to see that Abby got the full gist of this in 1985.

Otherwise, almost no one, including Abby, is very happy in tonight's episode.  Abby loses her friend.  Lori in California objects to a stalk of corn being used in her porn scene.  Neither Vincent nor Frankie are too thrilled in their separate proceedings, though they do give us a good scene together face-to-face, nice trick photography.

But there is more good news on the fringes.   Looks like Candy may be on the way to finding true love or at least pretty good love with Corey Stoll's character Hank.  And Bobby doesn't have AIDS.  All of which says there's room for at least some happy endings on The Deuce.

Given that this its final season, whatever endings we get this year will be the final words on the series.   I'm hoping that, at very least, both twin brothers are thriving, as are Candy and Lori.  But I'm an optimist, and The Deuce has always been about unvarnished not rose-colored reality.   You know what, I still hope those characters and even a few others survive. 

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