Monday, May 12, 2008

Battlestar Galactica 4.6: Cylon on Cylon

More good revelatory Cylon on Cylon interactions in 4.6 of Battlestar Galactica - or, more specifically, Cylons killing Cylons, not in the civil war, but one on one...

The most significant was Six killing a sister Six. The angel of death Six was my favorite Six - the one who is in a life-and-death political struggle with Brother Cavil (Dean Stockwell). Her sister was a platinum blonde Six, much like the one who is cosmically intertwined with Baltar, and is currently under lock-and-key on the Galactica. The blonde Six on the Cylon ship kills someone from Starbuck's party - a woman who as part of the resistance had killed this Six back on new Caprica - and everyone with Starbuck, especially Anders (a secret four Cylon himself), takes umbrage. Anders, in fact, wants to kill this Six, and the lead Six takes it upon herself, as a way of keeping peace, to kill her sister. Since there's no Resurrection ship around, these deaths really count.

One of the Sharons also gets blasted - in this case, by a toaster, who is trying to protect the Hybrid Oracle from being unplugged. There is also an excellent scene of a whole group Sharons talking to each other.

Meanwhile, the Oracle reveals some mostly inexplicable clues to Starbuck. But one thing is crystal clear - D'Anna (Lucy Lawless) is coming back, and she will play a crucial role, since she has seen the final five Cylons (in contrast to the viewers, who have so far seen only four).

With each episode, the difference between the "good" Cylons and humans recedes...

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