Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost Season 4 Finale: Six or More Thoughts Plus One

Some initial thoughts about the Season 4 two-hour finale of Lost (and a brief note about the very significant bit of extra footage in the replay of Lost 4.12) - with more surely to follow...

1. I had been thinking Ben was most likely in the coffin for most of this season before this evening ... with Locke, and, to a lesser extent, Michael, as possibilities. But Ben seemed too obvious as tonight's story unfolded - everything that he did made us want to hate him more, and we already knew he was off the island. So I began thinking Locke again. Still and all, I can't quite see why Kate would have such disdain for Locke (in contrast to Ben). On yet another hand, there's Jeremy Bentham and John Locke both being names of philosophers.

2. Where did the island move? No need to think it moved in space. Much more intriguing to think it moved in time - maybe to somewhere in the near future, where it will reappear in Season 5 or 6. (Time travel is becoming increasingly central to Lost - with Desmond's mental projection through time, the island and the ship being in different times this season, and now perhaps the island moving into the future.)

3. I'm thinking Jin survived the massive explosion on the boat. He was on the deck, and could have jumped into the water. (Unlike Michael, whose time had clearly come, as indicated by Christian.) Jin could have survived in the water, until some other boat picked him up.

4. It was great to see Desmond and Penny together. Their happiness is by no means assured, however, with Ben out to kill Penny.

5. Is Sun really going to be working with Widmore? I doubt it - I'd say she's infiltrating his organization.

6. Back to Locke in the coffin: If he's taken back the island, he will likely end up not dead. Indeed, dying - if he did commit suicide - may have been part of his plan to help get the Oceanic Six back home...

We'll see next year...

And presumably, Boone, Libby, and Charlie will have some role ... They were mentioned as three who survived the crash of Oceanic 815, but didn't make it, in the expanded press conference with Jack talking tonight. Charlie makes sense - he recently died, and his body might be floating somewhere. But why Boone and Libby?

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