Friday, May 2, 2008

Lost 4.10: Almost a Dream Come True

Jack's almost ruptured appendix was center stage on the island tonight, but the least important part of a splendid almost-a-dream-come-true Episode 10 of Lost Season 4 tonight. After all, we know that Jack will survive because of the flashforwards. Speaking of which -

1. Tonight's features Jack, Kate, Aaron, and brief appearances by Hurley and Jack's father Christian. It starts a little time after the trial (4.4) and the Hurley episode (4.1). Jack's with Kate, and he's making a good father for Aaron. Jack and Kate are about as happy as we've ever seen them. (Will this be the most happy we'll ever see them in the series? I fear, maybe so. But I hope not.)

2. Jack goes to see Hurley, and things start falling apart for Jack, and Jack and Kate. Hurley gives Jack a message from Charley, who Hurley says has paid him lots of visits. The message: Jack should not be raising Aaron. (Who then? Claire, back on the island? Maybe.) Jack gets a long glimpse of Christian (actually, his second), after Hurley tells Jack that someone will be coming to him. (Last week had a episode about daughters, tonight's was about fathers.)

3. Meanwhile, still in the flashforward, Kate is on the phone with someone, and going to see that person, and not telling Jack. Kate and Jack are now engaged, after Jack proposes. But Jack presses Kate on her mysterious friend, Kate says she's doing something she promised for Sawyer, and the honeymoon that never quite happened looks like it's about over. (Why, though, is Jack is so upset about Sawyer?)

deserves credit for keeping us on this roller coaster of showing us things that almost happen, and seem to fit with the flashforward at the end of Season 3, but suddenly swerving into another course - and then back again. Jack looked like he was on the path to the Season 3 finale in the Season 4 opener this year. Tonight it looked like he and Kate were getting together - going contrary to the Season 3 finale - but then the story moved right back in sync with what we saw last year....

4. Back on the island, Jin had an excellent episode, as he gets the better of Charlotte. Bernard and Rose put in good appearances, too. Jack, of course, survives the operation. Right after which Juliet lets Kate know that Jack really loves Kate (which sets things up for the flashforward, though we didn't really need that).

5. Far more mysterious and powerful is what happens to Claire and Sawyer, on their way, with Miles, back to the beach. Claire wakes up in the middle of the night to find- Christian, her father, too, holding Aaron. By the time morning comes, she and Christian are gone, and Sawyer takes Aaron.

What happened? Is Claire dead - maybe from a hemorrhage suffered last week? Possibly. If Christian is really dead ... But what is Christian's situation? If he is Jacob, and not dead, or some kind of super being, why would he take Claire with him?

is still an enigma wrapped in a puzzle, but it's giving us more better, deeper glimpses, and that's what makes it such remarkable television.

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