Friday, May 2, 2008

The Decline and Fall of Keith Olbermann (At Least, in my Estimation)

I first realized there was something off with Keith Olbermann when he attacked 24 and Jack Bauer as agents of the Bush administration last year.

I know, that's a minor thing, but that's the point. Why go after a television show when there is so much else you can lambaste when it comes to Bush administration policy?

I admit to having mostly enjoyed a lot of Olbermann's other ticks and gimmicks, including his relentless attacks on Bill O'Reilly. They may not have been completely fair, but media personality wars are irresistible to students of the genre.

In the past few months, though, Olbermann has branched out to the other targets. He histrionically announced his support of Barack Obama and disappointment in Hillary Clinton. Now, I support Barack Obama, too, and have found fault in Hillary Clinton's campaign (such as its "logic" that votes for Hillary in Michigan, where hers was the only name on the ballot, should count), but to hold up Hillary Clinton and her campaign as some kind of devil in democratic politics is just ridiculous.

And Olbermann's gotten worse. Bill O'Reilly's two-part interview with Hillary Clinton, as I mentioned here the other day, was a fine job on both Hillary and O'Reilly's parts. O'Reilly asked tough questions, but was courteous and engaging throughout. Clinton responded with substance and style. All and all, one of the best political interviews I've seen this season.

But Olbermann, almost taking it as a personal insult that Hillary Clinton allowed herself to be interviewed by O'Reilly (after a much weaker interview - because of Olbermann's questions - on Countdown several weeks ago), has been doing nothing but denouncing Hillary Clinton and Bill O'Reilly the past two nights.

Enough is a enough. Intolerance in the media is just as bad if it comes from the left as from the right. I think I'll stay on my computer and skip Olbermann from now on, and wait until Abrams comes on 9pm.
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