Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama Is Now Unbeatable for Democratic Nomination

A great night for anyone who loves to watch politics and election coverage on television - not to mention supporting Barack Obama.

Obama beat Clinton by 14% in North Carolina. Clinton won by a bare 2% in Indiana after a long, edge-of-your seat night which started with Clinton well ahead. These results will more than make up for the 12 delegates and popular vote lost by Obama in Pennsylvania. Obama will gain at least 15 delegates in North Carolina, and lose a total of 2 in Indiana - he'll be leading by at least 150 delegates again, and considerably closer to the finish line. With just a handful of primaries remaining, there's no chance for Hillary to overtake him.

These results show that Obama has indeed come back from the damage done to him by Rev. Wright. As he said in his victory speech in North Carolina tonight, he loves America. The people of North Carolina and Indiana, added together, believe him.

They also were responsive to his refusal to play games with our out-of-control gas prices. They approved of his rejection of the gas tax holiday gimmick, and his insistence on working for a real, long lasting solution. As Thomas Jefferson (also referenced in Obama's speech) believed, people are inherently rational, and can sort truth from false claims.

Hillary Clinton gave a good speech in Indiana, too. She ran an impressive campaign, even though she failed to capitalize on her momentum from Pennsylvania, and lost considerable ground. I continue to think that the best possible ticket for the Democrats would be Obama for President, and Clinton for VP.

But I think there's no doubt now that Obama will be the Democratic nominee for President. Tonight's impressive victory in North Carolina and near-victory in Indiana, added to the states and delegates and popular votes he has already won, make him unbeatable for the nomination.

He will also prevail over John McCain, the man of the past, in the Fall.
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