Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Travis Childers - Democrat - Wins Special Election in Republican Mississippi

The most significant election result tonight was not Hillary Clinton's big win over Barack Obama in West Virginia, but Democrat Travis Childers' win over Republican Greg Davis in the 1st Congressional district in northern Mississippi.

Why is Childers' victory so important? In addition to having a name that seems to come right out of some great work of Southern fiction or an early rock 'n' roller, Childers was stridently opposed by Republicans who sought to link him to Barack Obama.

The technique not only failed, but showed the kind of coattails Obama will have in the general election this Fall. Americans are tired of the Republicans, plain and simple. In Mississippi, the failure of the Bush administration in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath is all too close at hand. In Mississippi and everywhere around the country, Americans are fed up with high gas prices, the flagging economy, and the war in Iraq.

Hillary Clinton's victory speech in West Virginia tonight - one of her best - in fact spoke of those things. The fact is the Republicans have done such a poor job these past eight years that any Democrat can win.

But Hillary Clinton's win in West Virginia won't have any effect on Obama's getting the Democratic nomination - the state is far too small, and the win far too late in the process.

She would make a fine Vice Presidential candidate, in what I'm expecting to be a landslide for Obama and the Democrats in the general election this November.
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