Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost 4.12: Hurley's Numbers on the Dashboard

The single most astonishing, reassuring image in tonight's thrilling episode 4.12 of Lost was Hurley's sequence numbers on the odometer of his red car, in his part of the ensemble Oceanic Six flashforward shortly after they are back into some kind of semblance of a normal life...

Lost has been making a fabulous attempt this season to give rational explanations - or, at least explanations not totally beyond the pale of understanding - for some of the major puzzles and mysteries of the past few years. We got an inkling of why Locke is the way he is, a little more about what makes Ben and the island tick, some powerful insights into Desmond's capacity to see the future ...

But those numbers. They never made sense in the past, and seeing them again tonight, at Hurley's birthday party in the flashfoward, brings home how stubbornly they defy any rational explanation. Why do they keeping coming up in Hurley's life? It's tempting to think they are just part of Hurley's delusion - but others have seen them earlier in the series. Tonight, Hurley's father apparently sees them, but we can't be 100% sure what he's seeing. All that we can be sure of is the numbers are reminding us that there's a deep, fascinating part of Lost that is as yet totally inexplicable - part of what makes this series so great. The inexplicable coincidence.

Otherwise, we see Sun establishing control over her father's company back in Korea in the future, before she will have her baby. Will this be a third quasi-corporate force, to play some role in the battle between Widmore and Ben?

We see Sayid happy with Nadia ... heartbreaking, because we know what will soon happen to her.

And we see Jack learning that Claire was his sister. This is why he has so much trouble being near Aaron - who reminds Jack that he didn't come through for his sister back on the island ...

Where a lot is converging on the Orchid ... Jack and Sawyer, Kate and Sayid and Richard's Others, Locke and Ben and Hurley ... and Keamy's killers ...

And back on the boat ... well, something's on the verge of exploding it out of existence ... and separating Sun and Jin, and who knows about Michael (who wants desperately to die), and Desmond (who wants desperately to live, now that he's in contact with Penny)...

All the players are still in process of being shaken up and together and apart and back together - to form the Oceanic Six and those left on the island and who knows where else...

But we'll have to wait two, too long weeks to find out.

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