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Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost: A Theory of How the Oceanic Six Were Chosen (Not Being Able to Run Fast)

I just watched Episode 4.11 of Lost again, and was struck with the way Juliet was making such a big deal about Jack not being able to run, and it all came together for me (talking with my wife and daughter) about how the Oceanic Six - mentioned in the coming attractions - came to be chosen.

Here's my guess about what will happen:

Keamy, as we know, is on a mission to kill everyone on the island. The only way to be at least somewhat safe from him is to run fast into the jungle...

Jack can't run. One of the Oceanic Six.

Kate can't run very fast with Aaron in her arms (Sawyer will give Aaron to Kate before this). Kate and Aaron are Two and Three of the Six. (Sawyer can run fast into the jungle.)

Sun is pregnant and can't run very fast. Fourth of the Oceanic Six.

Hurley (who will be reunited with the beach people) also can't run fast. Fifth of the Oceanic Six.

And Sayid will be needed to pilot the boat ... Sixth of the Six.

What do you think?

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