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Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost: A Theory of How the Oceanic Six Were Chosen (Not Being Able to Run Fast)

I just watched Episode 4.11 of Lost again, and was struck with the way Juliet was making such a big deal about Jack not being able to run, and it all came together for me (talking with my wife and daughter) about how the Oceanic Six - mentioned in the coming attractions - came to be chosen.

Here's my guess about what will happen:

Keamy, as we know, is on a mission to kill everyone on the island. The only way to be at least somewhat safe from him is to run fast into the jungle...

Jack can't run. One of the Oceanic Six.

Kate can't run very fast with Aaron in her arms (Sawyer will give Aaron to Kate before this). Kate and Aaron are Two and Three of the Six. (Sawyer can run fast into the jungle.)

Sun is pregnant and can't run very fast. Fourth of the Oceanic Six.

Hurley (who will be reunited with the beach people) also can't run fast. Fifth of the Oceanic Six.

And Sayid will be needed to pilot the boat ... Sixth of the Six.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting idea. That could be it!

Carrin Mahmood said...

Brilliant... Wait... I don't get it. If they can't run into the jungle, Wouldn't they be killed?

Or are you are saying Sayid is rescuing them? What about the older couple? Do they have a head start? Or does Keamy kill them? I assume Juliette must know Jack should run, because of a time loop of some sort, and she has seen this before?

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks, dubie.

Here's what I'm thinking, sophie: everyone who can run fast to some safe place does so ... those who can't run go into the boat with Sayid .... Jack, Kate carrying Aaron, Sun, and Hurley, for different reasons, can't run very fast ...

Jessica Knapp said...

I think that's a great theory. Eerie/ironic that such a small, tactical decision could be what makes the difference between getting off the island and not getting off the island after all of this time.

If that ends up being the case, I wonder if the beach folks have some sense that those on the boat have a good chance of getting rescued. If they don't, I can't see Jin letting Sun go.

Argh! I want to know now!

Carrin Mahmood said...

Ahhh, Now I'm tracking... You're right, there would be no reason for Jack to just have a random appendectomy if it didn't further his plotline somehow. And the older lady (geeze I need a roster, I can't remember anyone's name) said previously...that Jack was sick for a reason, the island cures people it doesn't make them sick.

The only thing I would add is that it must have been "pre-agreed" who would go, or at least who would make a first trip.(Because the boat would only hold so many people) otherwise Juliette and Jinn would certainly have opted for that.... barring that Juliette isn't tricking everyone, and really wants to get home as badly as she says!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they're all coming together now, after being split up for so long this season.

Sayid's about to get back to the beach. Aaron (via Sawyer) is too.

Jack, Kate and Sun are already there.

The only one missing is Hurley.

I'm guessing the 6 will leave in Sayid's boat to get to the freighter, and will somehow find rescue from there.

Who knows what will happen to everyone else...

Carrin Mahmood said...

A significant number must stay alive and well on the island to continue the show into next year!