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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Helix 1.11: Spiral Narrative

Well, Helix 1.11 ended with the Illurians - assuming that's how they're spelt - marching through the base in Cylonic storm trooper fashion.  At their head is Scythe, some super cool deadly assassin.

So Helix continues adding newish elements, with at least beginning to consolidate some of the previous loose ends.   The cure's definitely working - after a fashion - with Peter back in the human column for the first time since early in the season.   It also definitely worked on Sarah and her different illness, after a headache scare that led to concerns she was slipping back.  But the headache was just apparently the last phase before she emerged, healthy and literally bright eyed.

But if the cure definitely works, on zombies and sick humans alike, then why are the Illurians so intent on destroying everyone in the base?   Presumably because of the 500 Illurian limit that we heard about from the guy in the basement, who didn't want to be immortal, last week.   But as far as good fiction, this 500-limit is weak.   Unless we get a better explanation, the 500 is just an arbitrary number.  Why 500 rather than 100 or a 1,000?

We do have some possible romantic tension in the wings.   If Peter gets completely recovered, isn't Julia likely to want to be with him rather than his brother Alan?  Hard to say.   But possibly Alan would rather be with Sarah, anyway, unless her bright eyes make him uncomfortable.

The problem is that we still don't know what the bright eyes mean, alien or super-human?  Helix somehow manages to move forward, and give us real answers, without answering the fundamental questions that have been in our face since the beginning.   We'll need to wait to the end - at least, of this season - to see whether this could be a new, compelling narrative form, or just a story that somehow never completely gelled.

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