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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bones 9.18: Meets Day of the Triffids

Sweets says something about Invasion of the Body Snatchers early in Bones 1.18, but the scientific part of this funny episode of Bones has more in common with Day of the Triffids, in which plants gone wild, either genetically engineered (or whatever they called that back in the 1950s) or of alien origin, come close to destroying humanity.   In Bones, it's kudzu, which certainly has jeopardized many a garden, and in this case is growing at a feverish rate around a corpse.

Meanwhile, speaking of corpses, Dr. Edison has made like Bones and has written a forensic murder mystery, except in Edison's case the book is apparently awful.  I saw "apparently", because I have to go by Cam's, Angela's, and Hodgins' words for it, having not read the novel myself.  The sentences they did read aloud did sound terrible - but they could have been taken out of context.  Turns out, indeed, that the joke's on them in the end, because a publisher gives Edison a contract for the book.  Why would a publisher do that, for such a bad book?   To cash in on Bones' reputation as a forensic anthropologist and a best-selling author?  Perhaps, but no publisher I know would do that, so I'm guessing that Edison's book just ain't that bad.

There is another thing, though, that rings untrue about this whole book affair.  What is Edison doing lugging around his novel in a binder - did he get the idea from Mitt Romney?  Nowadays, wouldn't Edison have offered to send his novel to his colleagues via email, in a pdf?  Given that Twitter figured so prominently in this episode, a little digital savvy in book bestowing would have been just the thing.

There was a silver lining, not in the book part, but in the episode, with a great conversation between Bones and her father Max.   After all these years, we still don't know exactly why Max lived the life that he did.   He says again that he can't tell Bones because there are people out there whose lives would still be in danger if word got out about him and them.   In previous years, Max has said that Bones' life would also be in danger.   I have a vague sense that Booth may know more, and Max swore him to secrecy, but I can't quite recall when Max did this.   In any case, it was good to see this new conversation, and its reminder that there's still a piece of big mystery to be revealed in the Bones story.

Hey, happy birthday Christine!  Would be great to see a book by you in some distant future episode.

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Not kudzu, silk worms ... in The Silk Code


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