Monday, March 31, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: From the Gunfire into the Frying Pan

Well, it could never be that anyone on The Walking Dead could have a happy ending, and certainly not a major couple like Glenn and Maggie.  So when they finally were reunited last week, everyone and their grandmother had to know that their joy would have to be short-lived.

Tonight, in The Walking Dead Season 4 finale, we quickly, at the end of the episode, but with clues throughout the episode, find out why.

The series-wide context: Safe havens can never be safe in this post-apocalyptic world.   Hershel's farm seemed safe enough, certainly about nursing back Carl.   But at the end of that respite, we find that Hershel has been keeping zombies in the barn, in the understandable but insane belief that they still retained some of their humanity, and could be cured back to health.  The next refuge was even worse: the Governor brought peace but was a flat-out psycho when it came down to it, not only hoping and working to bring his zombie daughter back, as Hershel had wanted to do with the walking dead in the barn, but happy to kill anyone who got in his way about anything.

So, with that progression to the worse on The Walking Dead, you just had to know that Terminus and its haven would turn out to be worse still.  As my daughter mentioned when she called right after the show, there were lots of clues throughout.   That whole bit about the rabbit at the beginning - how to snare the prey - and, come to think of it, the crop-growing flashbacks and Rick's talk about the importance of food - all were signs of what was to come at Terminus.   And then, at Terminus itself, why the denizens with the guns didn't kill Rick and company when they posed such a threat.   And to seal the deal, my daughter emailed the image you see on the side - human bones, right?

So our team has really gone from the gunfire of the Governor into the frying pan of Terminus.  They've decided that the best way of surviving is to lure humans with signs of hope, and then serve them eventually as dinner.   A new twist on Damon Knight's classic "To Serve Man," which was also made into one of the most memorable original Twilight Zone episodes.   Not my cup of tea, but what do you expect when you're watching a series about the end of the world?

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no cannibalism but at least a plague in The Consciousness Plague

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