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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Following 2.9: The Book Signing

Hey, I've been to my fair share of book signings as an author.  Sometimes the event is promoted to the hilt, you drive a couple of hundred miles to attend, and the only people in the audience are a drunk who passed out on a chair and two people who work for the book store.  Other times you don't give the event a thought, just show up, and you sell and sign a bushel of books.   But none of that holds a demented candle to what happened to Carrie at her book signing on The Following 2.9 last night.

First, Emma shows up with a book, and asks Carrie to dedicate it to Joe Carroll. Then all hell breaks loose, as two guys and then Emma wearing Joe-masks knife as many customers as they can.   I've heard it said that the era of book stores is over - physical and digital books are increasingly sold on Amazon.   Come to think of it, I've said this myself.   But I envisioned a more graceful demise of the book store than what we saw in The Following last night.   If I'm recalling correctly, it was the biggest massacre this season, exceeding the slaughter in the subway at the beginning.

And it marked the return of Joe Carroll to full command, which was long overdue.  Micah was probably the worst character on the series - as in ridiculous and played with buffoonery - in two seasons, and it was good to see him go.   It took nine episodes for Joe to get there, way too long, but at least now at last the players are in place for the battle ahead.

Although Joe's video could have been a chilling way to end the episode, the irony of the way the hour actually ended was also effective.   Just as Ryan and Carrie fall into each other's arms - with the nice touch of Ryan closing the door on the guards outside - we see where Mike rushed off to.   Claire is alive. Not such a surprise, given that Ryan never actually saw Claire die with his own eyes, just badly wounded.   But the relationship turmoil this sets in motion will be good to see.   Joe still loves her. Does Ryan?  Probably.  And we may also have our answer about why Mike has been behaving so oddly this season.

The Following is finally up and ready to fully maraud.

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