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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Revolution 2.16: The Manchurian Post-Blackout Patriot

After the heady pseudo-time-travel nanite-induced dream of last week, Revolution 2.16 returned to its more conventional story of the US at war with itself after the blackout, and put on a pretty good hour of it.

The most interesting part of the episode was the back story of how these new United States came to arise out of Guantanamo.  This has been hanging as far as specific details since the beginning of this season or the end of last season, depending upon how you look at it, and it was good to see it played out with some of the people we've come to know and hate in the post-blackout present of the series.

We also get a fuller and more provocative account of exactly how this new patriot army - including Tom's son Jason - have been "trained," with the revelation that his training is a Manchurian Candidate kind of conditioning, in which the subject can be ordered to do anything, including killing a specified target.

In The Manchurian Candidate, this led to the brain-washed pawn killing the woman he loved, because she inadvertently witnessed his killing of her father, which he was ordered to do, and part of his conditioning was to kill anyone who witnessed his crime.  This scenario sets up a promisingly harrowing situation on Revolution, in which Jason's conditioning may oblige him to kill or try to kill Tom.

Meanwhile, it's good to see more of our characters in the same town, with the fight between Monroe's and Tom's sons especially noteworthy, not only because they both are sons of major players - and, as such, major players themselves - but because they both love or at least like and want Charlie.  And this in turn leaves open the question of whom she would choose, whether for love or life, should a life-and-death situation involving the three present itself.

Still not on the scene yet are Aaron and his wife, but they're on their way back, and with Priscilla in full possession of the nanites, the two should add just the thing when they arrive in Willoughby.

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