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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Helix Season 1 Finale: A Better Clime

Well, the best thing about the Helix Season 1 finale was the final scene, which showed Alan in a warmer climate than we've so far seen in the series.  Buenos Aires, Marseilles, who knows, but it's welcome indeed after 13 weeks out in the cold.  That cold was leaving me cold, wearing thin, pick your pun.  However you say it, I'm glad to see the story out of there, and come to think of it, there was no reason it ever really had to be in the frigid north in the first place.

The second best thing was Peter's treachery.  Not that I liked it - I think I'm still routing for the good guys - but it was a sound plot development.  I never liked that guy, and it was consistent with naivety of Alan and his group that they would put so much trust in Peter.   Or maybe it was an understandable lack of understanding, not naivety, but it amounts to the same thing.

Also good was the destruction of the base, leaving us not knowing whether Sarah survived, especially significant because she's presumably carrying Alan's baby.  And Julia apparently in charge of Ilaria, or pretty high up in its command, was also a good move.   It brings home the point, already made by Peter, that no one with those eyes can be trusted.

So Helix has some pretty intriguing pieces in place for its second season, including the canister that Alan rescued, which I have to hope was the cure.

But I gotta say that I hope Helix plays them better than it did in the first season, which was slow moving and confusing throughout much of its run.  The last two episodes finally got the narrative up to speed, but the unanswered question of who the Ilarians are still looms large.  Let's hope that whatever their identity, we don't need all of the second season to discover it.

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