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Friday, March 7, 2014

Banshee Season 2 Finale: Sneak Preview Review

Continuing with my sneak preview reviews of Banshee - this time, episode 2.10, the season 2 finale, set to air March 14, 2014 - courtesy of a screener disk provided by Starpulse. As always, these reviews will deal in generalities and avoid specific spoilers.

As I've hinted at and even said point blank in previous reviews, this finale is fabulous, in terms of action, surprises, and changes that will affect all of Banshee that comes after.   In short, it is one best season finales of any series I've seen, and is well worth waiting for.

One way of telling you what the finale is about without giving away specific details is that there are at least five significant deaths.   There actually are far more deaths, but by "significant," I mean characters who have played some sort of major role on the show.     Here's more about these deaths -
  • none are by natural causes (sorry, couldn't resist, you already knew that)
  • 2 are heartbreaking, and 3 are very satisfying
  • the 5 deaths take place in 3 different locales
  • in 1 of the 3 satisfying deaths, we don't know until the point of death that this will happen, and in fact it looks up until that point that the killer will be killed
  • all 5 deaths in retrospect are completely logical - but 2 are out of the blue, and in the case of another, we didn't see it coming at all
Back to other memorable parts of this finale:  
  • The episode contains the best flashback sequences we've seen so far in the series.   
  • Romantic commitments of sorts are made.
  • Family matters continue to evolve.
  • There's a great kick, at the very end, into what we will be seeing in Season 3.
Again, the sheer level of action including gun play and much more is outstanding.  And, with any luck, I'll be back here next year or sooner with sneak preview reviews of the third season of Banshee.

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