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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Banshee 2.9: Sneak Preview Review

Continuing with my sneak preview reviews of Banshee - this time, episode 2.9, set to air March 7, 2014 - courtesy of a screener disk provided by Starpulse. As always, these reviews will deal in generalities and avoid specific spoilers.

It is often observed - at least, by me - that the penultimate or next-to-last episode of a season is even better than the finale.   Having seen the season 2 finale of Banshee - which I'll sneak preview review for you after 2.9 airs this Friday - I can tell you the finale is mind-blowing and better than 2.9.   But 2.9 lays down and builds up the groundwork for the finale about as brilliantly as I've ever seen.  You'll be stunned by more than one development in the finale, which reverses some things we're seeing and think we're seeing in the next-to-last episode.

Here are some of the highlights of Banshee 2.9 -
  • Someone is hit by a car and hurt badly enough to end up in the hospital.  This eventually leads to a scene reminiscent of the hospital scene in Godfather I with Vito and Michael Corleone.  Except the Banshee scene has much more action and ends better.
  • Things continue to improve between Carrie and Gordon - a lot - until ...
  • Clay kills one person, but another alludes his garrote.
  • Rebecca and her loyalties play a crucial role.  If you watch very closely, you'll be able to see where they reside.
  • Two characters get complimented about being "good" men by somewhat surprising (but not really) sources.
And that's all I'm going to say for now.   Except, again, this episode works so well as prelude to the finale that I wish the finale had just been a single two-hour episode.   And speaking of two, episode 2.9, like the finale, takes place in two locales - Banshee and New York City.

And I'll be back here between March 7 and 14th with my sneak preview review of episode 2.10.

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