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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Intelligence 1.11: American Chernobyl Countermeasures

One of the things that sets Intelligence above most of the other espionage thrillers with a futuristic bent on television is that Intelligence comes up with thoughtful, scientifically plausible solutions to the high-tech perils it throws at its heroes and viewers.

In Intelligence 1.11 on Monday, the peril soon turns out to be a worm designed to invade and cause a meltdown in a nuclear power plant.   The combined thinking of Gabriel, Riley, both Cassidys, and the young genius hacker who created the worm (which was misappropriated by the bad guys) is all brought to bear in a sequence of moves designed to stop the worm before it triggers an American Chernobyl.  Each move makes logical sense, but is stymied as the facts in one way or another change on the ground.  This puzzle is actually far more difficult to crack than any natural scientific mystery, where the facts usually stay the same.

In the end, the remedy to this impending disaster in motion is to distract the worm with a virtual construction that "looks" like the digital architecture of the system that controls the nuclear plant, and is is an even more attractive target than the plant.   Riley comes up with the idea for this flare-like countermeasure - a basic part in our reality of aircraft defense against surface-to-air and air-to-air attacking missiles - and it's quickly constructed by Gabriel with the help of the team.

Would that we could have such a team on the case in the missing MH 370 flight, or in place to combat the cyber attacks that no doubt daily confront us - though, for all we know, we do, and their work and the catastrophes they prevent are kept as secret as the accomplishments of the Cyber Command on Intelligence.   All of which makes this series especially enjoyable to see.

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