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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bones 9.16: Lampreys, Professors, and Insurance Companies

Good to have Bones 9.16 back tonight, with a story that connected on all fronts, including sharp detective work, strong science, moral justice, and nice jabs at everything ranging from insurance companies to professors who sit on orals committees, who come to think of it have a lot a common.

The show starts off with a victim not from Silk Road - not the underground, dark Internet marketplace that our FBI in real life may have put out of business - but the Silk Road, or the general area of the world which her features identify her as inhabiting.  Or, as Daisy put it, she came from one of the Stans, and when the victim is further ID'd as hailing from Afghanistan, we know we have an international espionage or counter-terrorism story on our hands.

Daisy's work starts off otherwise not up to par, and we find out why: she failed her orals.   She's distracted by this, but Bones' nonchalant admission that she didn't pass her orals the first time either puts Daisy at ease, and she discovers a crucial nick in the bones.   (I should note that I passed my orals the first time, but agree completely with Bones' contempt for the process:  you're often judged by professors who understand less of your work than you did before you started your research.)

Bones, however, is suitably upset by an insurance company that wants to charge a higher premium for her than Booth because she's more of a risk factor.  Sweets tells her to start her own insurance company if she's so annoyed, and he's right on: insurance companies are one of the biggest problems in our society. They're quick to take your money up front, but wait until you have to put in a claim ....

But back to Bones, Cam gets the prize for funniest line of the evening when she comments, after Hodgins says something about lampreys not changing their ways for millions of years, that they're a lot like our Congress.  Bingo!

Meanwhile, the episode ends with the bad guy first looking like he'll walk away due to a deal with the Department of Justice, but Booth figuring out a way to nab this guy anyway.  True justice is served ... at least on television.  In the real world?  I don't know, but I have feeling the DOJ would figure out a way to give the guy his undeserved freedom after all.

But that's what I love about Bones.   Not only can true love prevail, but so can truth, justice, and the American way - at least, the way it's supposed to be.

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