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Friday, January 5, 2018

Alternate Realities: Architect, Rock Star Junkie, Serial Killer

As I mentioned in a recent review of Triple Hit, there's an intrinsic connection between tales of multiple realities and tales of time travel, since multiple realities provide one way of getting around the infamous grandparent paradox - if you travel to the past and prevent your grandparents from meeting, how would you come to exist in the future to travel to the past in the first place - by supposing a Reality 1, in which you existed and traveled to the past and prevented your grandparents from meeting, which created Reality 2, in which you never existed, so no paradox arises.  That possible backdrop of time travel got me to watch Triple Hit, which turned out to have next to no time travel, and it led me to watch Alternate Realities, a 2015 feature film also available free on Amazon Prime.

And it turns out there's even less time travel in Alternate Realities, the sum total of which is a professor's joking comment to his class that "Just because we are studying theoretical physics does not mean that time travel will be an acceptable excuse for tardiness".  Nonetheless, Alternate Realities is a pretty good alternate realities story, and warrants a watch.

There are three for our hero, John Rotit, for most of the movie, in which he's an architect in one, a rock star drug addict in another, and a serial killer in a third.  His main reality seems to be the architect, where he's happily married and totally in love with his wife Clare, but is tormented by his knowledge of himself in the two other realities where, to say the least, he has no such relationship.  And to make matters worse - or maybe better - the three realities are beginning to converge.

As the story develops, we're faced with a choice ourselves as an audience - is John really in three alternate realities (and, if so, why?), or is he suffering from a severe case of multiple personalities?  So, you could say the audience is given its own or meta-alternate realities, in the choice of which kind of story we're seeing.

I won't tell you the ending, which does tell you what kind of story we've been seeing.  It's only partially predictable, which makes the overall movie pretty good.   Donny Boaz does a good job as John(ny) in three realities/personas, as does Elle LaMont as Clare.   Similarly, good writing by Andrew M. Henderson and good direction by Amir Valinia.  I'd say - give it a shot.  At very least,  in this reality.

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