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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Knightfall 1.6: Turn of Fortunes

I'm back with a review of Knightfall 1.6, delayed by my watching and reviewing all ten episodes of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams anthology on Amazon.  Actually, when you think about it, there's a a lot of science fiction and even something of Philip K. Dick in the stories of the Knights Templar, especially in the hinted-at, awesome powers of the Grail they're seeking to find and protect.

Episode 1.6 was driven by that, as indeed has every episode of Knightfall so far.  We learn that the power of the Grail is so cosmic that it unites (presumably) good men (and women) of many faiths - Jewish, Christian, Muslim - seeking to gain, or reclaim, and certainly safeguard its powers, by making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.  You would think it was something akin to nuclear power, with all this medieval ecumenical interest, but we'll just have to see.

In addition, this episode showed an-across-the-board reversal of fortunes, and reversals of those reversals, for more than one major character.  Tancrede is freed without repenting, only to return and repent so you can be taken away by the Arabs who beat him and the Templars at Acre.   We learn that Godfrey let that happen - gave the enemies of the Templars access to the tunnels - again, on behalf of the Grail.   And Landry, nearly killed, comes back weakened and turns out strong.

But in some ways the most remarkable twists of fate belong to De Nogaret.  First the Princess loves him (emotionally).  Then she realizes what he did - murdered her husband, after spying on her through that peephole for years - and lashes out at him.  Her father the King is about to have him hanged, when his uncle, masquerading as a dead person dangling in the gallows, saves him and he makes his escape.

Knightfall continues to get more complex and compelling by the episode, and that's always a good thing in historical drama.

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