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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vikings 5.8: Only Heahmund?

Well, it was supposed to be the fierce battle that would change everything tonight on Vikings episode 5.8, a battle that features brother against brother from not just one but two families, and it was fierce enough, but -

It surprisingly changed almost nothing.  The one major player who seemed to be killed turned out not to be. And so Heahmund now goes into Lagertha's camp.  And Ivar, after first seeming to agree that he didn't want to kill his brothers, and then initiating the attack, goes off into the woods to ... I'm not sure.  Think things over?  Be a winner whatever actually happened in the battle?

Heahmund fought well enough, but not as well as he did back in England.  That would be, why, because his heart wasn't fully in it?   Ivar and Heahmund, fighting together, at full ferocity, were the only chance Harald had against Lagertha and her shield maidens, not to mention Bjorn.  But Ivar wasn't there, and Heahmund fell.

I wanted Lagertha's side to win.  I just thought Ivar would put up more of a fight.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Meanwhile, over in England, it was good, historically, to see Athelstan's son tell his mother that the only way to stop the Vikings was to build a navy with ships that could stop the Norse attacks before they came ashore and pillaged.   Was this indeed the beginning of the British navy?

Only two more episodes this season.  Tonight's was good, but the battle didn't compare to what we saw in Paris.

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