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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Knightfall 1.7: Landry's Mother

Lots of good twists and surprises in Knightfall 1.7 - my favorite was meeting Landry's mother, played by Gina McKee, who made such a good appearance in The Borgias.   I hope she survives at least for a while in Knightfall - her character not only gives Landry crucial knowledge, but provides a balance and grounding in his life that he sorely needs.

Among the important pieces of advice she gives her son is not to trust the cripple - i.e., Gawain - so important in this hour (and beyond) that "And Certainly Not the Cripple" (among the people Landry shouldn't put his faith in) is the title of this episode.  Gawain, like all the Templars Landry both loves and has sharp differences with, is a complex and appealing character.  I hope he survives, too.  So far, these powerful brothers, with opinions both coinciding with and diverging from Landry's, haven't done too well.  First Godrey, then Tancrede, has fallen.  There's not much left in the higher part of the Templar hierarchy.

And the lower part is dealt a death blow tonight, too.  I didn't what happened to Parsifal coming.  He was an excellent character, and I'm surprised he didn't have a much longer arc.  But his death does make the point, in case we didn't already know it, that traitors are manifest.

Speaking of which, De Nogarey, having escaped hanging last week, now has some information that can destroy Landry - he's figured out that the Queen is carrying Landry's baby.   History tells us, and Knightfall is inexorably building up to, the King of France becoming a mortal enemy of the Templars.

With what happened tonight, that's now not much more than a word from De Nogarey away.

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