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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Knightfall 1.8: Crucial Moves

One of the best Knightfalls of the season - 1.7 - on air tonight, with twists and turns and highly significant developments at every turn.

Joan turning the tables - or blade - on her cousin was one of the highlights.  Her plan about where to be Queen and raise her children and with whom is a good one, though no doubt it won't quite come to be.

De Nogaret telling the King about the father of Joan's baby closes a crucial loop.  Now that the King knows, there will be no place for Landry in France.  That would actually fit right in with Joan's plan, but there's a lot in the way of Landry living happily ever after with Joan.  He now has the Pope, and soon with have the King of France, as mortal enemies.  And Gawain is no longer a brother in arms, either.

Tancrede alive and coming back was great to see.  Landry's in desperate need of allies.  At this point, there's Tancrede and Landry's mother and I didn't catch the name of the Templar with long blond hair, but he seems pretty strong, too.

History of course tells us that the Papacy and France will survive, but not the Templars.  But we're still a long way from that, and with the surprises of the story so far this season, it's not too much to hope that our Templars and their supporters will have a long, tempestuous life on the screen - or, just the way they and we like it.

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