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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Vikings 5.10: New and Old Worlds

Well, I said in my review of last week's episode of Vikings - 5.9 - that I was hoping to see Rollo again, and .... I'll say no more about that now.

Otherwise, though 5.10 was good, it didn't really settle or establish anything.  The counterpoint between Floki on Iceland, trying to create a new way for his people, was effective, as the scenes cut from Iceland back to the brother-against-brother slaughter in Norway.   I also don't believe for a minute that Floki's offer to sacrifice himself will be carried out.  The smarter people, especially that woman (I didn't catch her name), will likely tell Floki that a part of the new kind of community he wants to build will leave behind the need to sacrifice one's life.

Back home, here's what I think happened.  Harald's brother is dead, killed by Harald.  Harald's wife is dead, killed by Lagertha, though it was more of a suicide than a killing.  I'm not completely sure about Hvitserk.  But that leaves all the other major characters alive, and, if not completely intact, in strong enough shape to continue the battle, at least on another day.

Which means, among other things, that Lagertha's belief that she would die this day was proven wrong.  That's good for us, the audience.  There's lots of story to be told for her and Heahmund, not to mention her and Rollo, and, for very different reasons, her and Ivar.

My only regret, as always, is that there won't be a new episode for a while.  But Vikings is always worth the wait.  And with the Iceland story opening up, and Rollo looking more charismatic than ever in his regal clothes, the next part of this season will be eminently welcome.

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