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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Vikings 5.7: A Looming Trojan-War Battle, Vikings Style, and Two Beautiful Stories

The main part of Vikings 5.7 set the table for the battle that will tear the world of Ragnar apart - the battle between his sons, the battle that will pit his first wife against, in effect, Athelstan's successor, the battle whose outcome is still so difficult to predict.

And that's because, not only are the sides evenly matched, but there are betrayals and regrets under the surface in both camps.  Harald's queen, now that she's pregnant with his child, must be having second thoughts about getting word of his attack to Lagertha (unless she's unsure of the father, since she was repeatedly raped, in which case it's hard to fathom what she is feeling, except unhappiness at her pregnancy).  And back in Lagertha's camp, Ubbe's being politically propositioned by his lover to let Ivar kill Bjorn and Lagertha, because (somehow) that would result in Ubbe becoming King (but only if Ivar and Harald were also killed, so she wants just about all the major players killed).

It's good to see Bjorn back home, and his union with the Sami princess is welcome.  For that reason alone - it would good to see how their relationship develops - I'd hate to see Bjorn killed in this upcoming Achilles vs. Hector battle, where I can't say which of the Vikings are which Greek or Trojan.

And while this is going on, we get two beautiful stories away from home.  One is Floki and his followers - some who see the light, others who don't - in Iceland, where his talk of no king speaks to Iceland being the first country to have a political party created and completely led by women in our real history.  And in between Iceland and Norway, it was great to see Athestan's son, a prince, return to Lindisfarne.

And I'll return next week with a report on the great battle (which is what I said last week, I know, but there are only so many episodes left in this excellent season, so I'll have to be right sooner or later).

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