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Monday, December 3, 2018

Dirty John 1.2: Motives and Plans

Well, Debra'a finally beginning to get wise to John in episode 1.2 of Dirty John, though she certainly took long enough.

A second indication that he's not really a doctor didn't get Debra there.  Nor did the insensitive
comment he made to Debra's nephew Toby (good acting by Kevin Zegers).  But Ronnie unfazed.  She puts a tracker on John's car, which so far turns up nothing untoward, and hires a private detective, who finds the trailer park where John had been living.   Toby and Debra go there, and find a woman who knows John all too well, and tells them he's never been to Iraq.

And just when we'd be justified in giving up all hope for Debra, she grows suspicious when John gets a letter from someone in prison, and he gets defensive and hostile when Debra questions him about it.  Finally!

But what is John really up to?  To somehow get all of Debra's money?  To kill her?  The answer resides in just how much of a psycho he really is.  At this point, anything is possible, and the episode ends with only Debra's mother having anything good to say about John, because she "loves" the way he treats her daughter.

Back to Debra's money: the two got married without (as far as we know) a pre-nuptial agreement, so if they got divorced now he'd be entitled to half of her money (and property, etc).  But if that's all he wanted, he could have filed for divorce already.   (By the way, I know this limited series is based on a podcast and a true story, but I'm familiar with neither, and I'm actually glad about that, because it makes the series more fun.)

What will John do when he learns Debra is on to him?  Will he change his plans (whatever they are) and do something worse, or just try to cash in and get out of there?  I''ll definitely be along for the ride, and back here with more reviews.

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