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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dirty John 1.4: The Forgiveness Gene

Dirty John 1.4, on Sunday night, was even more a case study in insanity than the earlier episodes, which had some of that, too.  Indeed, there are at least two insane people in this episode, and neither one is Dirty John (at least, not so much in this episode),

The more conventional psycho in this hour is Debra's erstwhile brother-in-law, who for no apparent reason puts a bullet in the head of Debra's sister, while she's working on the computer, her back turned to him.  This, one would think, is about as depraved as it gets.  But the reaction of Debra and her sister's mother is, at least to my sensibilities, even crazier.

She forgives the man who killed her daughter.  Not just in a general, psychological sense.  She actually testifies on behalf of the killer at his trial.   This goes well beyond any religious ideal of forgiveness.   How on Earth could she want this miscreant killer to go free?

But all of this explains something very important in that family, something that explains why Debra is quick to forgive John.  Although she detests the man who killed her sister, and, unlike her mother, won't even talk to him, Debra has inherited some of her mother's insane penchant to forgive.  That in itself explains why she has put up with so much from John, and is now on the verge of taking him back.

Fortunately, her two daughters have no inherited this forgiveness gene.  But, as we've seen, Debra's not especially inclined to listen to them.   Which makes for compelling continuing story, about which I'll be back here next week with another report.

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