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Monday, December 31, 2018

Dirty John 1.6: Getting Wise

One last review for 2018 - but I'll be back in the next few says with reviews of Vikings, The Orville, and who knows what else.   But this review is of another episode of one of the strangest stories, also based on true events, ever on television: Dirty John.

The good news in episode 1.6 is Debra is finally getting wise to John.  Actually, she's been wise to him before, but came back to him, while we've been seeing the horrible things he did to people in the past, and is doing to Debra's family in the present.  In 1.6 we see him sent to jail in the past, but let out too soon.  In the present, he spits on Ronnie's passport, and scares a divorce lawyer half to death.

Debra gets a new lawyer who has chops in both divorce and criminal cases.  She tells Ronnie and then John that she wants a divorce, and (somewhat uncharacteristically) he lets her walk out of their house.  It's hard to predict what's in his mind or what he'll do next.

John is clearly a sociopath, resourceful, and quick on his feet.  What it will take to bring him down for good is not clear at all.  Since this story is based on real life - indeed, not only real life, but a podcast about that - lots of people (presumably) already know what happened.   Just two more episodes left, so we should know soon, too.

I'm hoping - for Debra's sake, her family's sake, for the world's sake - that John's behind bars.  But given his cunning, nothing would surprise me.  See you next year.

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