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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Remembrance: Philip K. Dick Would've Liked It

Hey, it's December.  That being the case, I thought I'd get back to something I was doing December last year - reviewing some of the plethora of short science fiction you can find and watch for free on Amazon Prime Video (that is, free if you have Amazon Prime).  I'll review as many of these as I can, until the creative demands of the New Year say otherwise.

First up is Remembrance, a 13-minute short with a 2016 date on it, but listed as 2017 on Prime Video and IMDb.   Mining our memories - that is, technology that allows someone to look in on someone else's memories - has become something of a staple in science fiction, and almost seems natural in this our world of Philip K. Dick, the writer whose stories have become the basis of more movies and television series than the works of most other science fiction writers combined.

Remembrance, indeed, is Dickian with a vengeance, in that it combines memory retrieval with murder, or the tapping of memory as a means of nabbing a killer.  I don't want to give too much away about this short film, so I'll confine myself to mentioning that it tells the story of two woman who are twins, one boyfriend, and a memory technology that is being developed by one of the twins.

On the one hand, there's not all that much that's new in Remembrance.  On the other hand, the acting is convincing (Selena Moreno as the twins, Will Lurie as the boyfriend), and the short is memorable and even powerful at times (directed by Madison Campione, written by Madison and Troy Campione).  So I'd say see it if you have 13 minutes to spare.  And I'll be back here soon with another short review of a short science fiction movie on Prime Video.

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