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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Vikings 5.13: The Sacrifice

The biggest shock in episode 5.13 comes at the end.  Ivar and his bride, transforming their appearances to look like gods - to my eyes, they look like Caesar and Cleopatra, if they'd been staring in a zombie movie - decide they need a "sacrifice" to make this "celebration" kosher, if you'll forgive the mixed metaphor from another religion.  It appears, based on an earlier conversation, that this sacrificial lamb will be Hvitserk - which makes sense, given that he's ridiculing Ivar's claim that he's a god and impregnated his wife.   On the other hand, the sacrificial figure was hooded - we didn't see Hvitserk - so there's a chance, maybe even a good chance, that they're (the story gods) setting us up to think it's Hvitserk, and it's really someone else.  I hope so.  Hvitserk is not my favorite of Ragnar sons - Bjorn then Ubbe would be first and second in those roles - but I'd like to see him survive.

And speaking of brothers, it's interesting to see yet another Ragnar son - this one in England, who introduces himself to Bjorn.   The new brother was born and raised in England, so he's thoroughly English, with no Viking culture or accent.   He could be an important character in episodes ahead.

Speaking of brothers and back to Ubbe, he and Torvi being converted is a pretty big deal, too.  Alfred announced that when he announced his marriage and appointment of Heahmund back to  his bishop's post.   But apropos the marriage, I'm still wondering what his new bride will say when Alfred realizes she's not a virgin.  Possibly Alfred's so innocent that he won't realize this?

We'll just have to see.   I'll be back here next week with review of what the next episode tells us.

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