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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Outlander 4.7: Brianna's Journey and Daddy

Another altogether satisfying and wonderful episode of Outlander tonight - 4.7 -as Brianna finally embarks on her journey to save her parents, 200 years in the past in North Carolina, by way of the same path her mother first took all those years ago in Scotland.

The parallels are striking and meaningful, down to the trauma on Brianna's leg as she makes her way down the mountain.  Of course she runs into Laoghaire - who looks as good and bright as ever - with a disposition to match, until she learn's that Jamie is Brianna's father.   But not to worry, Laoghaire controls herself, and her daughter - also fathered by Jamie - helps Brianna get to Lallybroch, where Ian is there to hug and help Brianna get across the Atlantic with the money needed for the voyage.  It's great to see these contemporaries of Jamie that much older, but still endowed with the spirits that make them what they are.

Meanwhile, in a nice development and twist, Roger makes it back to the past, too, and gets on a boat to America before Brianna.  I'm not 100% sure if we knew this before, but we now have definite proof that someone unrelated to Claire (and the other people we knew who could travel through time via the stones) can make the voyage to the past.  This means, I assume, that Frank could have made the voyage, too, if he'd tried it.  What an episode that would have been, had he traveled to the past and run into his evil lookalike, Black Jack. 

And speaking of Frank, this episode also had some beautiful scenes of Frank and Brianna, filling in some missing gaps, and showing us the deep love she had and still has for father, in the this case the man who raised her.   As much as Brianna wants to be with her biological parents - certainly to save them from the fire - her love for Frank, her "daddy,"  burns strong.

I'll say once again that I'm really enjoying this season of Outlander, more than the preceding ones, and I'm looking forward to more.

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