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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Escape at Dannemora 4: Break Through

The pace picked up in Escape at Dannemora episode 4 this past Sunday, as Sweat realized the shutting down of the main heat pipe for the summer made for a much easier and faster way to break through to the other side - the side of freedom.  By the way, Sweat - last name of David Sweat - is not just a character in this series.  It's the actual name of one of two escapees (I assume everyone in this docu-drama is based on real people - except maybe some of the very minor characters).  But given the hard work that Sweat is doing - the sweat and blood he's literally putting into this break through - you couldn't ask for a better name than Sweat.  In contract, Richard Matt is the brains of the operation, and not well named.  He's a strong, charismatic character - I assume that's an accurate portrayal of the prisoner - and certainly no one's doormat.

The same can't be said for poor Lyle, Tilly's long suffering husband.  He's earnest and devoted, and puts up with being constantly disappointed and hurt by Tilly.  When he discovers that Matt had made a sketch of Tilly's dogs, Matt lies to him and says Tilly asked Matt to make that as a present Tilly would give Matt on their anniversary.  Not only does Tilly stand Lyle up for a celebratory dinner, but she has no knowledge of Matt's lie about the sketch when Lyle tries to give it to her as a present.  Nobody gave her that memo.  She doesn't even try to fake it. And all Lyle gets is anger from Tilly about his looking through her possessions.

Tilly, for her part, is trying to make herself look better.   She's up for the trip to Mexico with Matt and Sweat after the escape.  But Mexico and its warmth is long way south, and it should make for some riveting viewing seeing how they don't get there.   I'll be back here next week with another in my continuing reviews of this unique series.

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