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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Finale: Unjust Desserts

An excellent, funny end of the tenth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm this past Sunday, which tied up all kinds of loose ends in this hilarious season.

A fundamental principle of Larry's life in this series has always been that he's punished for the risks he takes - takes on behalf of righting some more or less real wrong that was done him.  The season began with Larry objecting to the wobbly tables and tasteless coffee in Mocha Joe's.  He puts together a spite store, with all sorts of innovations for a coffee place, right next to Mocha's.

The season finale begins with one of Larry David the producer's trademarks.  Josh Mankiewicz does a full-trim NBC report on spite stores and their cultural significance, featuring Latte Larry's.  And that, folks, was highpoint for the story of Larry's store.  By the time the episode is over, the store has burned down, and the firefighter on the scene tells Larry he might be investigated for arson, since the fire was caused by all the innovations (such as no easily tappable water in the men's room) Larry put in his store.

But that's my no means it.  Very early in the season, Larry gets caught up in a sexual harassment suit.  He's innocent.  But he gets out of the suit only because his accuser loses her memory, after she passes out in a elevator, choking on a too-dry scone.  Larry is standing right next to her, but he's afraid to apply the Heimlich, because of the sexual harassment suit.  A neat little story, and a rarity, because Larry comes out ahead.

But in the finale, even this victory is snatched from Larry's battered yet still proud psyche.  The woman regains her memory, begins her persecution of Larry.  But she falls for Joe, whose store also burns down, and in the last scene we see she and Joe have bought the house next to Larry.  We have the makings of a new season, with this new couple, each of whom has reason to not like Larry, to say the least, living right next door.

And I'll be back here with a review as soon as that new season begins.

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