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Monday, March 30, 2020

Homeland 8.8: The Black Box

Well, irrepressible optimist that I am, Homeland 8.8 shows I wrong about two hopes for the story this season.

I had a small hope that Haissam Haqqani might somehow survive.  It looked for a few minutes that in fact he might - at least, for 24 more hours.  He also rose up after being riddled with bullets.  But he was shot by the firing squad again.  He's definitely dead.

And I had a big hope that Max would survive.  That didn't happen either.  All of Carrie's efforts, abetted by Yevgenny, failed to save him.  He's gone now, too.

So, what's left?  The black box, from the downed presidential helicopter.  Max retrieved it, and, with one of his last breaths, told Carrie where he thinks it now is.  The information it has could provide us with the huge unanswered question: who brought the helicopter down?  Jalal Haqqani claims he did, and held up what he claims was the weapon.  But the other Taliban leader who confronted him afterward, said Jalal was not the one who brought the helicopter down.  So, who did?

I said last week that I thought it could be the pro-war clique now surrounding the President in Washington.  We saw the handiwork of two of them tonight, getting the President to practically edge the U. S. into a war with Pakistan.   Do their tentacles extend to Afghanistan?  I'd say very likely.

And who is there to oppose them?  The coming attractions, I think, show Saul back in Washington.  Carrie and Yevgenny are out to find that black box.  Even though Carrie doesn't trust Saul, I trust the odds of Saul and Carrie and Yevgenny sorting this out.

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