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Monday, February 3, 2020

Curb Your Enthusiasm 10.3: Garbage Cans and Apples

Among the many hilarities of Curb Your Enthusiasm 10.3 are garbage cans and apples.

Things - natural, produced, customs - not being used the way they're supposed to has long been a staple of Curb.  Or, to be more precise, Larry's frustration sometimes fury about things not being allowed to have the proper function is a persistent theme.  The key is Larry is right, but over-reacts (to some extent), and therein resides the hilarity.

Take garbage cans, for instance.  They're supposed to be for garbage - a place to throw in what you are discarding- but Larry finds that's not the case, at least twice.  The first time is an apple that Larry was eating - "nonchalantly" - in his lawyer's office, until the lawyer objected (the same lawyer, of course, who didn't let Larry use his bathroom last week).  Larry compounds his lawyer's objections by throwing the half-eaten apple into a wastebasket.  But it has "no lining," so the lawyer doesn't like that, either.  Next, Larry tries to throw a scone unliked by cousin Andy into a garbage receptical in the kitchen, and gets told by Andy's wife that they dispose of their garbage in the pantry (which made me think of Paul Simon's "Mrs. Robinson").

But the apple was centerpiece of another example in this episode of things being misused.  Larry also encounters decorative apples in several places.  Some look so real that - of course - Leon and Larry both bite into them, and chip their teeth.  The decorative fruit that looks too real is a longstanding grievance of likely millions of people in this world, but most of them don't chip their teeth on them.

I'm pretty sure almost no one chips their teeth on garbage cans, but now's as a good a time as any to mention the paradox of the garbage can, that I discovered decades ago.  It arises from the problem of how do dispose of a garbage can?  Think about it.  If you leave an empty garbage can in your driveway, the sanitation crew won't take it away, they'll just think someone else already took away the garbage in the can that was never there.  We recently got semi-automated garbage pick-up in our area, and that would make the paradox even worse.  If you left a note on the can saying "please dispose of me," the automated arm wouldn't be able to read it.

Anyway, you can read more about the paradox of the garbage can here, and I'll be back one of these weeks with another review of Curb.

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Beefmaster said...

Does anybody actually have a “show” trashcan that they don’t use? That’s how I ended up on this blog, searching for answers. I understand the lawyer garbage can, bcs he goes through lots of paper. But cousin Andy’s “show can”? Does anybody actually do this?