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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Outlander 5.6: Locusts, Jocasta, and Bonnet

A top-notch episode 5.6 of Outlander tonight, in which Roger vanquishes locusts (which were not the kitten's fault, as I wrongly wondered about last week), Jocasta's life takes a significant turn, and Jamie gets on his way to confront and kill (he hopes) Bonnet.

Jocasta chooses a little peace for the rest of her life rather than the true love she feels for Murtaugh, who, though a little late in professing it, feels the same about Jocasta.  We see the reason that Jocasta makes this choice - the death of her beloved daughter back in Scotland during its time of war with England.  She can't go through this again in what we the viewers know is the impending Revolutionary War, which Jocasta sees up ahead as well.  But, you know what?  I think we haven't seen the last of Jocasta and Murtaugh, and they'll be together before the end of this series, if not this season.  (Now's a good time to mention again that I haven't read the books, because I want to be surprised by the television series.)

On to Bonnet, the road to Jamie confronting him comes with some tempestuous make-up sex between Jamie and Claire.  She of course wants Bonnet dead, too.  But the last thing she wants if for Jamie to risk his life.   Yet she also knows that there's nothing she can do to stop Jamie from confronting Bonnet and killing him if he can.

Which I think Jamie will do before the end of this season.  Unless Bonnet dies by someone else's hand, or for another reason, that we can't see right now.  But, one way or the other, I don't see Bonnet surviving this fifth season, which continues to be one of the best, of this excellent series.  Jamie and Claire, not to mention Brianna and Roger, have more important things to do in their lives than be tormented by this blaggard.  Is that a word?  I think so.  See you next week.

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