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Thursday, December 9, 2021

"The Soft of Your Eyes" added to 17th Spotify playlist the past year (updated)

"The Soft of Your Eyes" (from Twice Upon A Rhyme) 26th on this list

And here are the other four: You May Sweetly Ask  ... 70s (first half) ... NTS Heaven and Earth Magic ... Thanksgiving 2021 

And here's one from back in April 2021: Cosmic Country Outsiders

And here's another one added later in December 2021: True

And five from January 2022:   I Don't Want To Live the Wrong Life ...  NTS 3 ...  sagit brother ... My Shazam Tracks ... Soft Sands FM

And two from February 2022: Blue Sands ... pain au chocolat

And one from March 2022: Solibo Magnifique

And one from July 2022: Heart Full of Love

And one from December 2022: Best of Wrapped

Thank you!

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