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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Hightown 2.8: The Devil His Due and Therapy for the Soul

Well, having just seen Hightown 2.8 on Starz, I've got to give the devil his due.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Frankie realizes the police are watching everything he does.  More than that, he realizes something is very wrong, that Jorge being dead -- which he's come to realize -- is just the tip of the iceberg of the destruction he's facing.  So ... he "changes things up".  He cancels Charmayne's i.e., his shipment of drugs due to arrive at Hyannis Airport.   And the result?

  • Jackie's plan is foiled.
  • Leslie is not going to work with Jackie again (Leslie doesn't appreciate her time being wasted).
  • Charmaine is scared to death.
  • Renee still has feelings for Ray, but she's going to be even more compliant to Frankie, in all respects.
Now Frankie (played just right by Amaury Nolasco) couldn't have known that some of this would happen -- he didn't even know for a fact that the police were going to interdict his drugs and nab him at the airport -- but his shrewd instinct paid off.  One thing we can count on for sure: Frankie's not going to be taken down easily.

About the only person not really affected by Frankie's move is Osito, who had the best story so far in his arc this season.  Despite his ferocity, he's a sensitive guy.  Atkins Estimond delivers the perfect performance in his conversation with Janelle.  She's not only a physical therapist.  For Osito, she's a therapist for the soul.

See you back here with more about the Cape next week.

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