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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Dexter: New Blood 1.5: No Satisfaction for Serial Killers

Another outstanding episode of Dexter: New Blood -- 1.5 -- in what from the beginning was an excellent reboot, and is just getting better and better.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

In a headline, Dexter's new life is unraveling.  And in many ways the most exquisite part of this is the return of Batista (great to see David Zayas back), at least for this episode.  He's now a captain of detectives in Miami, and he tells Dexter's faked story to Angela -- that he's dead -- and the truth that he left a son by the name of ... Harrison.  It's a fairly uncommon name, and it's enough, along with the rest that Angela knows (what Audrey told her Harrison said, that Jim is not Jim's real name) to search on what happened in Miami all those years ago, and come up with a picture of Dexter, who of course looks like Jim.

To be clear, the jig is my no means up for Dexter.  He can and no doubt will come up with a plausible explanation for why he faked his death.  Likely he'll say it was to protect his son.  But Angela is sharp and tenacious police, and sooner or later she'll begin to realize more about Dexter.  And there's no way that, to save himself, he'll kill her.  That would be a violation of the code that would dwarf all the other violations Dexter has done, and, besides, he close to loves Angela, and maybe actually does,

Meanwhile, the other serial killer in town, Kurt, is in high sicko gear.  Kurt kills another young woman -- not that way he wants to, so he gets no satisfaction -- and now he's briefriended Harrison.  He kills women not men, but Harrison under Kurt's wing is no good for Dexter and his genuine fatherly love.  Tonight, a combination of that love and Dexter's killer appetite got Dexter to kill the drug dealer, but not in the way that gave Dexter's dark passenger any satisfaction, either.

Dexter's best bet for taking Kurt out of action is Angela, who also discovered in New York that Kurt was lying about hearing from his son Matt in New York City. Should be an exciting five more episodes of this superb season ahead.

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