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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Dexter: New Blood 1.8: The Hug in the Car

An excellent, satisfying Dexter: New Blood 1.8, even though we knew pretty much exactly how this episode would end.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Meaning, there was no way that Kurt was going to kill Harrison, however close he came to doing that.  Harrison is too important a character, in this season, and I hope in seasons that I hope will follow.  But Kurt came pretty close.  And all I regret about that scene in his cabin with Harrison is that I couldn't have some of that venison, because it sure looked good.

But the single best moment in this episode is Harrison hugging Dexter in the car, after Dexter tells his son about that dark passenger that he and Harrison have within them. That hug in itself will be the basis of everything that comes after, everything we'll ever see between Dexter and Harrison.

And the ball is now in Angela's court.  She's beginning to get some evidence to confirm her suspicion that we saw emerging last week, that Dex is the Bay City Butcher.  And it's tough to see how this will be resolved, with just two episodes left to this season.  I can't quite see Dexter throwing her off track, at this late date.  But I can't see Dexter killing her or going to prison, either,

I suppose Dexter might allow himself to get locked up, if that some way safeguarded Harrison.  But how could Dexter protect Harrison, if Dexter were behind prison bars?   The future is always opaque, especially in these concluding episodes of the season, and that's a good thing for this series.

See you back here next week as we get another glimpse.

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