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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Hightown 2.9: Heroes and More Seasons

A classic next-to-last episode 2.9 of the season tonight of Hightown on Starz, which, if it follows the lead of much current television, may well be better than the season finale in two weeks.

[Spoilers follow ... ]

Hey, the episode had a happy ending:  Ray and Renee in each others' arms.  In addition: Jackie's hunches and stick-to-it-iveness finally paid off, and even impressed Leslie.   And just for good measure, Alan was happy, too.

But that expression on Frankie's face as he saw Renee and Ray hugging shows the two are not out of the woods, or home free, or pick your cliche, just yet.  Frankie is a highly intelligent, resourceful bad guy.  He'll now do anything in his power to kill Renee and Ray.

How much will he be able to do behind bars?  Well, if last season was any indication, he can do plenty.  He can call the shots, hire hitmen, the whole enchilada.  Of course, he won't have Osito to help him.  Osito will likely be out of prison, soon.   He may well leave the life of crime to be with his physical therapist. If he stays in crime, it certainly won't be as Frankie's lackey.

The finale should tell us some of this.   It's doubtful Ray will get everything he wants -- back with the police, living happily ever after with Renee and Frankie & Renee's son.  But I hope he gets at some of this -- with any luck he'll be with Renee when she has his baby,.

But that's getting pretty far ahead of the story, and may await season three.  Yeah, no formal announcement has been made, but given the power of season two, and it's inevitably unfinished story. I'd say a third season of Hightown is a likely certainty (how's that for an oxymoronic phrase).  In the meantime, I'll see you here with a review after the season two finale.

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